Birth of a cyborg

The aim of this project is to promote and explore the convergence of 21st-century technology in the form of immersive VR with a more traditional approach to Art practice – with the aim of embodying notions of the classical with contemporary immersive and interactive technology.

 My technique of drawing is a continuous line; with fluid and eloquent gestures, I create these Cyborg organisms; my VR work has a similar application of Calligraphy, powerful strokes that embody a bold and powerful decisive line, the simplicity of the composition evokes an ethereal space.

the bar and negative shapes complement each other akin to the principles of Zen, I am interested in the Shodo style of performance Calligraphy painting, the performative aspect parallels my technique when using virtual reality to perform this piece.

the performance itself becomes a visceral act – the ability to use my whole body becomes cyborgian itself – utilising this immersive technology of human and machine interface.

I’m the creator; I’m creating a life form. I think the ability for me to bring a tangibility to these drawings it’s not losing the essence of Hallidonto, the artist; it’s, by virtue, bringing my whole heart into that piece. ” Click TCT MAGAZINE – Hallidonto interview.