biomor·phic |\bī-ō-ˈmȯr-fik\

Definition of biomorphic
: resembling or suggesting the forms of living organisms

What could be the posthuman biomorph?
The problematic nature of describing a posthuman biomorph from an anthropocentric viewpoint;
the biomorphs are abstractions and contradictions in themselves, as a nonhuman agents the biomorph could be an
amalgamation of the various biogenetic and technological material that will inherit properties of other lifeforms such
as insects/ animals and their genetic memory akin to the chimera – they transcribe/ visualise an existential
quandary of embodiment while simultaneously portraying human characteristics within inhuman matter.
David Roden posits “Speculative posthumanism” is concerned
with the possibility that radically non-human agents might emerge from our
technological practice (See Roden 2014).

Teleology states that everything has two types of purposes: natural, inborn, or intrinsic purposes, and
unnatural, imposed, or extrinsic purposes;

Roden speculates that from our technological practice, new life forms could emerge, and with new life/ races, and,
new societal structures could potentially unfold. Posthumanism suggests we de–center the ‘human’

These portraits portray an evolution timeline of varying Biomorph ‘classes’, akin to the proletariat of victorian
Will the state/ hivemind enforce the extrinsic duties upon the collective?
The driving force of society is intrinsically linked to our Technology, and with technology drives commerce and
markets this new worker class is still enslaved to ‘humanistic’ market structures

Will the biomorphs be biological worker class agents cultivating new worlds, replenishing Gaia, and repurposing
biomaterial in a new ecological economy but at what cost?

Past, present, future, evolution;
A notion of evolutionary genetic metamorphose unbounded;
Substrate anxiety,
Morphological entropy,
Longing for a body to call home,
The quandary of acceptance,

Mother ‘Nature’ you see, has rules,
Top of your chain,
Tribal and alienated,

Gene spliced,
Amorphous matter,
Pulsating and confined,

Emotional overdrive,
The jittering,
And grinding of our flesh,

Biomorphic entrails,
For all the world to see,

(Hallidonto 2022)